Specialised Helicopter Services

INFLITE provide a wide range of specialised services for everything from offshore ship re-supply to line survey and remote tower inspections. Using a Helicopter to access remote locations or survey complex areas can increase efficiency and reduce cost across many different applications or job types.

Our team regularly re-supply offshore ships and fly teams to remote communication sites.

Experienced Pilots

INFLITE Commercial pilots have many years of experience in difficult access situations and this is where our clients benefit most. All jobs are carefully reviewed and planned through the companies detailed SMS processes. From start to finish, we can achieve what most can’t in terms or speed, precision and cost.

Unmatched experience lifting heavy loads in remote rural locations and tight, complex urban neighbourhoods.

Highly skilled, experienced pilots and specially adapted helicopters ensure projects are completed safely and efficiently.

Lifting projects carefully planned and managed from start to finish. Inflite Commercial can also handle permits and licenses so you don’t have to.

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