Freight, Cargo & Private Aircraft

Freight Charter requires an experienced team to get your goods where you want them to be and manage the logistical challenges on your behalf.

Freight charter exists to keep the supply chain running smoothly. Whether you need goods to leave immediately to keep a product line running or whether you need to friehgt dangerous, heavy or oversized items, a freight solution exists.

Private aircraft charter is often the best way to reduce the risk and alleviate the constraints of commercial air freight. Gain total control of your cargo and freight needs through private air freight charter with INFLITE Charters.

We are the experts in this field with many high profile freight contracts across New Zealand.

Planning an air freight charter?

Do you need to arrange a one-off freight service for challenging or dangerous items? Get machinery and parts urgently to a production line? Regularly freight resources to a remote site? Whatever the circumstance is, we have a freight solution in mind. We cater for both urgent services and regular freight services.

INFLITE air freighter charter services

INFLITE Charters are a team of aviation specialists. We understand the logistics and challenges of urgent freight requirements where time is of the essence and can take care of this for you with ease, from your first enquiry to getting the cargo where it needs to be, not just on the tarmac but to it’s final destination.

INFLITE Charters have the skills, expertise and experience to get the job done – no matter the complexities. We provide an end-to-end service with access to New Zealand’s largest range of private aircraft and remote destinations.

Our air freight charter service promise

INFLITE Charters provides a dedicated Charter Manager available 24/7 for the duration of your freight charter service. Your Freight Charter Manager is effectively your ‘protective blanket’ during your frieght service ensuring your goods get to or from where they need to be.

We work to ensure your freight charter service and experience with INFLITE is planned and executed without incident and caters to your needs no matter how simple or complex.

INFLITE Charters – taking you beyond flying

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