Product Launches

Your team has worked tirelessly perfecting your latest product. Hours have been poured into research and getting it to the point it is at now. We know you’re proud – now it’s time to make your investors just as proud.

We are experts at crafting product launches that are sure to impress. Imagine your dream product launch. Now imagine adding a private helicopter, yacht or corporate jet to the mix. Nothing says confidence and success quite like private charter.


• Displaying a product banner on a helicopter
• Helicopter aerial photos of the new product
• Introduce your product like a celebrity exiting a fixed wing aircraft

Delivering the WOW factor

Want the private charter experience of a lifetime but no clue what you want to do? Simply tell our team your budget, your group size and where you want to be picked up – we will handle the rest.


Expect utmost privacy and exclusivity aboard our INFITE charters. Our corporate clients can expect the same level of privacy as our sport and musician clients.

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