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10 Best flight experiences in New Zealand

By now, you probably already realise that New Zealand is a land of diverse natural beauty. You don’t need us to tell you that the brilliant blue lakes, snow-capped peaks, giant glaciers, golden sand beaches and awe-inspiring volcanoes are monumental to even the most seasoned traveller. And, because you’re here, you probably don’t need us […]

INFLITE Expands Fleet – Adds PAC 750 XL

We’re delighted to have been annouced as a finalist in the Qualmark New Zealand 100% Pure New Zealand Experience Awards. The Ultimate Alpine Experience with our Mount Cook Ski Planes & Helicopters base offers an unforgettable experience combining scenic flights in two aircraft types with a landing on the Tasman Glacier (NZ’s longest).

INFLITE & Heletranz Merge

Heletranz Helicopters and INFLITE announced today that they have merged following a long-term close working relationship in Auckland. The two New Zealand-owned entities will together become the country’s largest premium aviation operator. Its helicopters and fixed-wing fleet of aircraft now stretch across New Zealand.

INFLITE selected as a Finalist in the NZ Tourism Awards

We’re thrilled to have been announced as a 2019 NZ Tourism Awards Finalist in the Sustainable Business Excellence Category. We’re one of only 3 picked.

This award recognises excellence in the design and implementation of initiatives to grow the whole tourism business sustainably.